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Kirchengeschichte: Alte Kirche, Christliche Archäologie


Dupont, Anthony, Gaumer, Matthew Alan, and Mathijs Lamberigts [Eds.]


The Uniquely African Controversy. Studies on Donatist Christianity.


Leuven: Peeters 2015. XIV, 388 S. = Late Antique History and Religion, 9. Kart. EUR 94,00. ISBN 978-90-429-3155-8.


Mark J. Edwards

This collection, published in March 2015, anticipates by some months the volume edited by Richard Miles and advertised by Liverpool University Press as the first »holistic contribution« to the study of Donatism in twenty years. If one desires an encyclopaedic treatment, with a particular bias to archaeology, Miles’s The Donatist Schism will be the more useful of the two books; the one under review here, however, deals with many topics which are omitted in the other – as ever, in varying shades of novelty. The opening piece by Martin Wysocki (»Martyrs and Martyrdom in Roman Africa«) is a scholarly, but in no way surprising, corroboration of the familiar thesis that »African Christianity was filled with the idea of martyrdom as well as respect for martyrs« (28). ...

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