Welcome to the Theologische Literaturzeitung

The oldest and most comprehensive journal reviewing publications in Theology and Religious Studies, founded by Emil Schürer and Adolf von Harnack

Editor in Chief: Christoph Markschies
Editorial Board: Christfried Böttrich, Beate Ego, Friedhelm Hartenstein, Ralph Kunz, Friederike Nüssel, Nils Ole Oermann, Henning Wrogemann

Theologische Literaturzeitung appears once a month - with a double issue in January/February and July/August at the end of January respectively end of July - reviewing nearly every new German publication in theology, as well as a large number of publications from the English-speaking world, Scandinavia, and from the French, Spanish and Italian-speaking communities. As a rule, the reviews appear in German, but there are also contributions in English and French.