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Ökumenik, Konfessionskunde


Plaisier, Arjan, and Leo J. Koffeman [Eds.]


The Protestant Church in the Netherlands. Church Unity in the 21st Century. Stories and Reflections.


Münster u. a.: LIT Verlag 2014 152 S. = Church Polity and Ecumenism. Global Perspectives, 4. Geb. EUR 29,90. ISBN 978-3-643-90530-7.


Hans Burger

In 2004, three churches in the Netherlands merged into the Protes­tant Church in the Netherlands. This volume, with articles on the theme of church unity, is written to commemorate the tenth anniversary of this merger. The book comprises three parts; a part with stories from the Dutch protestant church, a second part with stories from other countries (Belgium, the United Kingdom, Southern Africa and Australia), and a final part with theological reflections on these mergers.
In the first article, Leo Koffeman (professor of Church polity and Ecumenism in Amsterdam) tells about the unification of two Reformed and one Lutheran church from the beginning in 1962 until the final decision to become one united church in 2003. It is a story of theological discussions that took ...

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