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Philosophie, Religionsphilosophie


Clark, Maudemarie, and David Dudrick


The Soul of Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil


Cambridge u. a.: Cambridge University Press 2012. XII, 265 S. Kart. US$ 29,99. ISBN 978-0-521-79380-3.


Michael Rodgers

In the last few decades, the view of Nietzsche as a naturalist has come to dominate English-speaking Nietzsche scholarship. There are a variety of naturalistic positions attributed to Nietzsche, though Maudemarie Clark and David Dudrick rightly take Brian Leiter to be paradigmatic and address much of their book to his argument. In doing so they provide one of the first robust criticisms of the naturalist reading of Nietzsche which does not rely on the alternative reading of Nietzsche as a rejecter of truth and meaning. Put differently: it has looked in recent years as though our options in understanding Nietzsche are two. On the one hand we have those who argue for the naturalistic reading, wherein Nietzsche uses arguments to put forward his views as true explanations of the world, not ...

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