Structure and editorial practice

There is an essay at the beginning of each issue which deals either with a special theme, or reviews a number of publications. The actual reviews are divided into the following topics, ten of which are usually covered in any one issue:

  • General
  • Religious studies
  • Classical studies
  • Juda´sm
  • Bible studies
  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Church history: General
  • Church history: Ancient,Christian Archaeology
  • Church history: Medieval
  • Church history: Reformation
  • Church history: Modern
  • Church history: 20th century, contemporary history
  • History of theology and Christian doctrine
  • Christian art and literature
  • Philosophy, philosophy of religion
  • Systematic theology: General
  • Systematic theology: Dogmatics
  • Systematic theology: Ethics
  • Practical theology
  • Christian education
  • Church law
  • Ecumenical studies
  • Intercultural Theology, Mission studies

Every year, over 600 reviews and ca. 12 essays are published as well as a number of short reports contributed by the Editorial Board, or by the managing director. Theologische Literaturzeitung also contains minor research reports.

The members of the Editorial Board suggest which books should be requested from publishers, and nominate the internationally renowned experts and younger academics who are to review them in the journal.

We always welcome suggestions for potential reviewers and titles.