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Systematische Theologie: Dogmatik


Becking, Bob [Ed.]


Orthodoxy, Liberalism, and Adaptation. Essays on Ways of Worldmaking in Times of Change from Biblical, Historical and Systematic Perspectives.


Leiden u. a.: Brill 2011. VII, 304 S. = Studies in Theology and Religion, 15. Geb. EUR 105,00. ISBN 978-90-04-20869-8.


Eric E. Hall

In attempting to review this book, I opt to start out on a confessional note: the book is exceedingly difficult to review. Besides having a seemingly unified title, the essays in this book offer loose thoughts on a theme that, while immanent to the book, by no means defines it: adaption, its nature and potential for success. In this regard, if some edited volumes move as a symphony, offering a clear themat­ic response throughout its varied movements, this volume resembles a group of jazz musicians in a jam session. It moves around a basic chord structure by way of each individual author’s talents and proclivities. The book feels something like organized chaos.
The first essay, entitled »Religious Orthodoxy as a Modality of ›Adaptation‹« by Staf Hellemans argues ...

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