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Doron Mendels


Phases of Inscribed Memory Concerning the Land of Israel in Palestinian Judaism of the Second Century BCE
The case of 1 Maccabees

It was Viginia Woolf who promoted the idea that individual memory is episodic and random. What imposes order on memory is the process of writing narrative.1 This can be applied to groups and their shared memories. One should add that in certain instances, once a memory was written down it nourished individuals and groups for many generations to come; in others it was just stored and vanished into thin air. Hence in this article I would like to underline the distinction between memories of things and events experienced by individuals and/or a group but not necessarily written down,2 and those memories that were acquired through the learning of oral and inscribed texts. It is the latter that will be discussed here.
Two aspects will be highlighted: What are fragmentary memories that ...

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