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Neues Testament


Wucherpfennig, Ansgar


Josef der Gerechte. Eine exegetische Untersuchung zu Mt 1–2.


Freiburg–Basel–Wien–Barcelona– Rom–New York: Herder 2008. X, 245 S. gr.8° = Herders Biblische Studien, 55. Geb. EUR 50,00. ISBN 978-3-451-29885-1.


Benedict Thomas Viviano

This book is a Habilitation work written under the guidance of M. Reiser, submitted to the University of Mainz. It is divided into elev­en chapters. The work concerns primarily the figure of Joseph in Matt 1–2. It defends the thesis that Joseph the Just belongs at the end of the series of Old Testament prophets, because he had seen more of Jesus the son of man than had Daniel in his visions (1). Here already the reader rebels. Is Joseph really the main figure of Matt 1–2? Matt 1–2 are primarily about Jesus, not about Joseph who only appears in the genealogy and in three of the five episodes, and who never speaks. Yet an author is free to study this character, to ask »what does the hagiograph Matthew narrate about Saint Joseph?« (18) In so doing however W. seems to make the ...

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