Further information

Please try not to exceed our proposed text amounts when producing reviews. For technical reasons we cannot send galley proofs to authors, so please hand in only proofed texts that have correct orthography and are fit for publication. The »Theologische Literaturzeitung« publishes German, English and French texts. We can not publish texts written in other languages. If nothing else was agreed, please send your reviews within 12 weeks. If you exceed this time period, we will remind you of the assignment taken on by you in the interest of the authors and publishing houses relying on us. In case you would like to withdraw your offer for a review for special reasons please contact us directly. Please send us your review by e-mail or as print copy together with a copy of your text on CD-ROM or floppy disc. Since the »Theologische Literaturzeitung« deals with all fields of theology and religious science, publishers and editors require that submitted texts are written in a form that will also be understood by non-experts in the various fields. Page space is limited, so please do not use annotations or footnotes in order to ensure good readability. Otherwise we will have to delete your annotations without substitution. Please avoid extensive critical reflections of subject details and express your personal opinion of the reviewed books in a way that does not oblige us to answer any complaints from the authors. After the editorial board has approved your review of a book, you may keep the provided review copy. We can not pay any remunerations or fees for review tasks but you will get a free copy of the reviewed book. Your review will also be available on the internet for our subscribers (always starting on the 1st of the relevant month). For useful information about how to write a good review please see the »review hints« on our homepage www.thlz.com.