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Mark A. Seifrid


Revisiting Antioch. Paul, Cephas, and »the Ones from James«

Who were »the ones from James«, what did they do in Antioch, and when did they do it? Paul’s account of his confrontation of Cephas in Antioch presupposes a context that in considerable measure remains hidden to us. It thereby invites historical investigation and reflection. It invites the reconstruction of the story that lies behind the story that Paul recounts in the text. Therein lies the rub: a story may take on its own persuasive power, even when it takes leave of the text. The modern history of interpretation of the incident in Antioch, from F. C. Baur until the present, offers sufficient examples of this phenomenon.1 It is not my aim to attempt to capture the whole of that history, or even the entire range of current read-ings of Gal 2,11–21. I want ...

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