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Altes Testament


Schorch, Stefan [Ed.]


The Samaritan Pentateuch. A Critical Editio Maior. Vol. III: Leviticus. Ed. by. S. Schorch.


Berlin u. a.: De Gruyter 2018. XLVI, 251 S. Geb. EUR 99,95. ISBN 978-3-11-040287-2.


Magnar Kartveit

This new edition of the Samaritan Pentateuch (SP) is a major contribution to biblical studies. For the first time readers have access to the SP with full apparatuses documenting the SP’s text, the distribution of readings, and the particulars of the Samaritan manuscript tradition.
The SP is a version of the Pentateuch with roots in manuscripts found at Qumran and with readings documenting a separate tradition compared to the Masoretic and the Greek texts of the Hebrew Bible. The Samaritans only acknowledge this part of the Hebrew Bible. Its first presentation in Europe in 1616 caused a sensation among scholars, and the existence of the Samaritan community has come as a surprise to many readers of the Bible through the ages, up to the present day.
The SP was virtually ...

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