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Dogmen- und Theologiegeschichte


Meszaros, Julia T.


Selfless Love and Human Flourishing in Paul Tillich and Iris Murdoch.


Oxford u. a.: Oxford Univer-sity Press 2016. 248 S. = Oxford Theology and Religion Monographs. Geb. US$ 110,00. ISBN 978-0-19-876586-8.


Deidre Nicole Green

In her well-written and clearly argued book, Julia T. Meszaros offers an incisive and constructive analysis of what is needed for contemporary accounts of selfless love that foster human flourishing. She contrasts the dynamics of selfless love and human flourishing in the work of Paul Tillich and Iris Murdoch, illuminating their thought through comparisons with that of Jean-Paul Sartre and Søren Kierkegaard. Centered around Murdoch’s reliance on the other three, M.’s work offers a unique and helpful contribution for thinking through the value and efficacy of selfless love in contemporary thought. Hers is a much-needed contribution in light of current worries about the ways in which selfless love leaves one vulnerable to exploitation, often voiced on behalf of those on the margins. ...

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