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Altes Testament


Matty, Nazek Khalid


Sennacherib’s Campaign Against Judah and Jerusalem in 701 B. C.A Historical Reconstruction.


Berlin u. a.: De Gruyter 2016. XII, 225 S. = Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft, 487. Geb. EUR 89,95. ISBN 978-3-11-044788-0.


Lester L. Grabbe

This revised Oxford PhD thesis (supervisor John Day) tackles an old conundrum: if Sennacherib did not conquer Jerusalem but re-turned to Nineveh, why did Hezekiah pay tribute? But if Hezekiah submitted and paid tribute, after blatantly rebelling, why was he allowed to remain on the throne? Part One looks at Sennacherib’s third campaign (the one against Jerusalem) in the context of the Assyrian inscriptions and reliefs. This includes a survey of all Sennacherib’s campaigns with the object of looking for literary patterns in the descriptions given in the inscriptions. It also includes a study of the reliefs showing the taking of Lachish, and an investigation of the various references to the blockade of cities in Assyrian inscriptions. Part Two analyzes the biblical narratives, ...

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