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Neues Testament


Frey, Jörg


Der Brief des Judas und der zweite Brief des Petrus.


Leipzig: Evangelische Verlagsanstalt 2015. XLIII, 366 S. = Theologischer Handkommentar zum Neuen Testament, 15/II (neu). Geb. EUR 48,00. ISBN 978-3-374-02391-2.


Anders Gerdmar

The letters of Jude and 2 Peter have long been on the margin of New Testament Studies, even though Jude has attracted the interest of textual critics. The reason is probably for 2 Peter the common suggestion that it is the latest of New Testament letters, and both letters have received more attention during the last decades. However, while noting this disinterest Jörg Frey himself regards them worthy of serious reflection, for their literary character as well as the way in which they deal with Old Testament and early Jewish traditions .
So does F., and devotes just more than 360 pages to the letters, the lions share to 2 Peter. This is almost the same size as Bauckham’s Word Commentary from 1983, and F. shares the same Gründlichkeit. He considers the author to be a ...

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