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Systematische Theologie: Dogmatik


Webster, John


God without Measure. Working Papers in Chris­tian Theology. Vol. 1: God and the Works of God.


London u. a.: Bloomsbury T & T Clark 2015. VIII, 231 S. Geb. US$ 122,00. ISBN 978-0-567-13942-9. Vol. 2: Virtue and Intellect. London u. a.: Bloomsbury T & T Clark 2015. VII, 192 S. Geb. US$ 114,00. ISBN 978-0-567-66409-9.


David F. Ford

John Webster, one of the most distinguished European theologians of his generation, died shortly after completing these volumes, so to their intrinsic interest is added the fact that they are the culmination of his life’s work. They are a clear, powerful, and somewhat controversial last word.
At the heart of both volumes is a double insistence: that Chris­tian theology is first of all about God in se, the immanent Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit with their eternal relations and processions; and secondly about all else in relation to this God – the economic Trinity, all creation, and history. This Trinitarian ontology and metaphysic is expounded by drawing mainly on biblical, pa-tristic, Thomist and Reformed Protestant thought, with pervasive use of the language ...

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