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Ökumenik, Konfessionskunde


Brittain, Christopher Craig


A Plague on Both Their Houses. Liberal vs. Conservative Christians and the Divorce of the Epis-copal Church USA.


London u. a: Bloomsbury T & T Clark 2015. XVI, 263 S. Geb. US$ 114,00. ISBN 978-0-567-65845-6.


Martin Davie

Christopher Brittain is a Canadian Anglican theologian who is Professor of Social and Political Theology at the University of Aberdeen in the United Kingdom. His book A Plague on Both Their Houses is a study of the divisions between Anglicans that have taken place in the Diocese of Pittsburgh in the United States as part of the wider divisions that have taken place within The Episcopal Church USA (TEC) and the Anglican Communion as a whole.
As he explains in the Introduction to his book, his upbringing in the Anglican Church of Canada meant that B. had »become acclimatized to being part of congregations and attending church synods where Evangelicals, Liberals and Anglo-Catholics would regularly clash over theology, liturgical practice, and the moral issues of the day« ...

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