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Kirchengeschichte: Alte Kirche, Christliche Archäologie


Greisiger, Lutz


Messias – Endkaiser – Antichrist. Politische Apokalyptik unter Juden und Christen des Nahen Ostens am Vorabend der arabischen Eroberung.


Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag 2014. XII, 345 S. m. Abb. u. Tab. = Orientalia Biblica et Christiana, 21. Lw. EUR 78,00. ISBN 978-3-447-10134-9.


Emmanouela Grypeou

This book is the printed version of the doctoral dissertation of Lutz Greisiger, conducted at the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg under the supervision of Jürgen Tubach. The research objective of the book aimed at an examination of the Jewish and Christian Syriac apocalypticism of the seventh century, that is, at the eve of the Muslim Arab conquests of the Eastern provinces of Byzantium. However, the book develops into a quite different and broader study of named time period.
The introduction presents an elaborate analysis of what G. quite ingeniously calls »historical apocalyptology«. As the reader very soon observes, this book which is supposedly dedicated to apocalypticism, has actually a much wider scope. The book is divided in three major parts, under the ...

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