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Philosophie, Religionsphilosophie


Jantzen, Benjamin C.


An Introduction to Design Arguments.


Cambridge u. a.: Cambridge University Press 2014. XVI, 335 S. m. 34 Abb. u. 2 Tab. = Cambridge Introductions to Philosophy. Kart. £ 19,99. ISBN 978-0-521-18303-1.


Randy Ramal

Benjamin C. Jantzen undertakes a very ambitious project in this book. He aims for »a neutral philosophical reconstruction and an-alysis of the entire field of design arguments advanced from the rise of Western philosophy in ancient Greece to the present day« (XIII). This explains the length of a book on the history and merit of design arguments, which J. manages to cover very well and without sacrificing significant depth. The reader should distrust the fol-lowing line in the Preface: »I have sacrificed some depth in favor of breadth in order to give the reader a coherent picture of the entire landscape of the design debate« (XIII). J. discusses not only the major and minor players in the history of design arguments, showing how Cicero and Paley held notable positions in that history, ...

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