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Neues Testament


Frey, Jörg, and John R. Levison[Eds.]


The Holy Spirit, Inspiration, and the Cultures of Antiquity. Multidisciplinary Perspectives. Ed. with A. Bowden.


Berlin u. a.: De Gruyter 2014. XVI, 413 S. = Ekstasis, 5. Geb. EUR 119,95. ISBN 978-3-11-031017-7.


Cornelis Bennema

This multidisciplinary volume on the origins of early Christian pneumatology in relation to the various cultural matrices of Antiq-uity has twelve essays. In the opening essay, editors Jörg Frey and »Jack« Levison outline a century of study on the topic of early Chris­tian pneumatology, starting with the History of Religions school and ending with a »maelstrom of perspectives on the Spirit« (31) today. They conclude that a fresh examination of the cultural matrices of early Christianity regarding the Holy Spirit is needed. In order to achieve this, they propose a history of religions approach with various modifications. First, parallels between ancient texts and ideas are to be explored as part of a pluriform discourse where »a text is illumined by various contexts or perspectives ...

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