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Neues Testament


Harb, G.


Die eschatologische Rede des Spruchevangeliums Q. Redaktions- und traditionsgeschichtliche Studien zu Q 17,23–37.


Leuven u. a.: Peeters Publishers 2014. XVIII, 359 S. = Biblical Tools and Studies, 19. Kart. EUR 84,00. ISBN 978-90-429-3050-6.


Dieter T. Roth

This monograph on the eschatological discourse in Q 17:23–37 is a revision and expansion of G. Harb’s 2012 doctoral dissertation at the Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz written under the supervision of C. Heil. H. divides her discussion into six chapters, and in her introductory chapter (1–58) begins with a helpful overview of the pur-pose and structure of the volume. The goal of the work is to consider the eschatological discourse as part and parcel of Q, its tradi-tion-historical formation and implications for understanding the redactional formation of Q, and the light the study can shed on the dating of Q in general. The introduction also offers a brief discus-sion of issues related to Q, with H. concluding that the two-source theory remains the most persuasive solution to the ...

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