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Systematische Theologie: Dogmatik


Davies, Oliver


Theology of Transformation. Faith, Freedom, and the Christian Act.


Oxford u. a.: Oxford University Press 2014. 288 S. Geb. US$ 105,00. ISBN 978-0-19-968595-0.


Oliver O’Donovan

The presence of the exalted Christ, always at the centre of the language of faith, glorified in worship and authoritative in action, has been allowed to disappear from the discourse of academic theol-ogy. We are presented instead with an absent Christ substituted for by the Holy Spirit. The ecclesial body of Christ is reduced to the status of a mere analogy, and is no longer intelligible as the triumphant universal phase of Christ’s personal existence. Zwingli’s challenge to Luther’s doctrine of the ubiquity of Christ’s body was symptomatic of a dangerous temptation at the beginning of modern theology. It has left us unable to answer the question »where is Christ?« as we should, finding him present in the whole material world, created new in him, and subjected to his authority. ...

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