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Neues Testament


Markley, John R.


Peter – Apocalyptic Seer. The Influence of the Apocalypse Genre on Matthew’s Portrayal of Peter.


Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck 2013. XV, 285 S. = Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament. 2. Reihe, 348. Kart. EUR 79,00. ISBN 978-3-16-152463-9.


Benedict Thomas Viviano

This is a revised dissertation done at Edinburgh under the supervision of Paul Foster and Larry Hurtado. The thesis of the book is that the portrayal of Peter in the Gospel of Matthew (and we should add Mark) has been shaped by the generic portrayal of apocalyptic seers.
The topic of Peter in Matthew is a well-worn theme, from Cullmann to Hengel and Bockmuehl. John R. Markley brings to the task a somewhat original approach and some fresh vocabulary. He first surveys some earlier research (chapter 1) and it becomes clear he is working in a particular tradition of study of Peter. The authoritative figure here is J. D. Kingsbury. Unlike Kingsbury however he presupposes the two-source hypothesis: the priority of Mark and the exis­tence of Q. No dating of these sources is attempted. ...

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