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Ökumenik, Konfessionskunde


Witte, Pieter de


Doctrine, Dynamic and Difference. To the Heart of the Lutheran-Roman Catholic Differentiated Consensus on Justification.


London u. a.: T & T Clark International (Bloomsbury) 2012. XV, 251 S. = Ecclesiological Investigations, 15. Geb. US$ 120,00. ISBN 978-0-567-23665-4.


Paul Avis

A thaw in relations between the Roman Catholic Church and the rest of Christendom began with the Second Vatican Council of 1962–65. The Council gave the green light for Roman Catholics to play a full part in the ecumenical movement. The Lutheran World Federation also immediately set up a dialogue with the Roman Catholic Church. This dialogue culminated several decades later in a Joint Declaration on one of the most intractable areas of dispute between the Roman Catholic Church and the Churches of the Reformation: the doctrine of justification, the way that sinful human beings are restored to a right relationship with God. The Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification did not come about without a struggle. Nearly 150 German theology professors publicly opposed the ...

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