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Philosophie, Religionsphilosophie


Mjaaland, Marius T., Rasmussen, Ulrik H., and Philipp Stoellger[Eds.]


Impossible Time. Past and Future in the Philosophy of Religion.


Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck 2013. VII, 253 S. = Religion in Philosophy and Theology, 68. Kart. EUR 64,00. ISBN 978-3-16-151956-7.


Benedikt Paul Göcke

»Impossible Time« contains an introduction and 13 original papers, which were delivered at first at The Third Nordic Conference for Phi­losophy of Religion at the University of Copenhagen in June 2011. Frankly, there is a problem with the conception of the book as a whole: the title »Impossible Time« suggests that the main theme of the book is about the impossibility of time. Whereas one thus might expect a clarification of what it means to assert that time is impos­-sible as well as arguments for or against the impossibility of time, the reader finds herself disappointed: apart from the first pages of the introduction, the impossibility of time is rarely a topic of investigation. Even worse: although there is a huge discussion particularly about the impossibility of time in ...

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