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Kirchengeschichte: Alte Kirche, Christliche Archäologie


Inowlocki, Sabrina, and Claudio Zamagni [Eds.]


Reconsidering Eusebius. Collected Papers on Literary, Historical, and Theolog­ical Issues.


Leiden/Boston: Brill 2011. XII, 254 S. u. 14 Abb. im Anhang. 24,0 x 16,0 cm = Supplements to Vigiliae Christianae, 107. Geb. EUR 105,00. ISBN 978-90-04-20385-3.


Marie Verdoner

Inowlocki and Zamagni’s well-edited collection of papers is the result of a workshop held in the Centre Interdisciplinaire d’Etude des Religions et de la Laïcité (CIERL) in Bruxelles in 2008. The anthology comprises eleven papers in total, nine of them are directly deal­ing with aspects of Eusebius of Caesarea’s life or authorship, while the first paper describes Caesarea in the time of Eusebius and the last paper is dedicated to Alexander Polyhistor. The scholars contributing to the volume come from various fields of study – history, philology, theology, and archaeology – and the collection thus has an interdisciplinary background that ensures a many-facetted treat­ment of the theme. Inowlocki and Zamagni have chosen not to organize the collection by use of ...

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