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Neues Testament


Hull Jr., Robert F.


The Story of the New Testament Text. Movers, Materials, Motives, Methods, and Models.


Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature 2010. XIV, 229 S. 23,0 x 15,2 cm = Society of Biblical Literature Resources for Biblical Study, 58. Kart. US$ 29,95. ISBN 978-1-58983-520-7.


David J. Trobisch

Robert F. Hull recently retired from Emmanuel School of Religion in Johnson City, Tennessee, where he taught New Testament. The book is written for students of text criticism who look for an overview of the history of this discipline. The narrative begins with the authors of the New Testament writings and ends with a description of contemporary attempts to recover the oldest text through the study of the manuscript tradition.
Starting with Paul and Luke’s efforts to publish their own writ­ings, H. quickly moves to the history of the printed Greek text and describes the different stages of collating variant readings and evaluating them. The »precritical« stage, as he calls it, covers the millennium between Origen and Erasmus. He then presents an ac­count that goes from the ...

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