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Altes Testament


Lipschits, Oded, Knoppers, Gary N., and Manfred Oeming [Eds.]


Judah and the Judeans in the Achaemenid Period. Negotiating Identity in an International Context.


Winona Lake: Eisenbrauns 2011. XVI, 600 S. m. Abb. 22,6 x 15,2 cm. Geb. US$ 64,50. ISBN 978-1-57506-197-9.


Diana Edelman

The volume is the published output of an international conference held in Heidelberg in 2008 whose central focus was the economic and cultural circumstances of Judeans living within the Persian empire and their relations with other groups (IX). Yet, the editors claim the participants were also asked to engage in consideration of how early Judaism changed as a result of growing internationalization in the Persian empire (IX). This is a separate issue, since not all Judeans were Jews and not all Jews were Judeans, and this question makes religion the single aspect of cultural interest to be addressed, whereas in the first instance, other aspects were open to inclusion. Thus, the volume has conflicting foci, which becomes more and more apparent as one reads the array of essays included.

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